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Players testimonials


Ellen Lems

I would like to thank you for the organization of the ITF tournament, very well organized and there was a very good atmosphere. Sporting competitions, good care what else does a tennis player want? Hopefully a grade 3 tournament next year and I would like to participate again. In the Netherlands I have also firmly promoted your tournament! Thanks again and again until next year!

Philippe JADOT

For my first participation in the ITF tournament in Wezel, I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome given to each participant. The club is beautifully located, easy access, in a beautiful green setting, quiet and exemplary cleanliness. I had the opportunity to meet very nice players, on and off the field, who have not failed to communicate with me in French! Thanks again for all the treats and different meals offered each day. See you next year. Yours truly


Hereby my feedback about the tournament. As a frequent player of ITF seniors tournaments in Europe, I have played this year for the first time in Mol/Wezel. For a grade 5 we had a very strong participants list in the Mens +50 which is comparable with a grade 2. So a lot of great heavy matches with the survival of the fittest. The accommodation and courts are very good and in this club people really come to the matches to support the players. A real pleasure to play for such a crowd. The organization was amazing and every day the players could enjoy free food which I have never experienced in any other club. I believe that upgrading this tournament to a grade 3 would be the start of a long-lasting tradition of ITF seniors in a real tradition club.


I participated the  Belgian ITF Tournement at Mol Wezel. It was my first participation in an ITF. Great tennis on perfect french courts. There was a great atmosphere. Never alone, always fans next to the pitch and on the beautiful terrace before the authentic old club house of this traditional tennis club. I will always remember the friendly fraternizations among the players in the clubhouse. The organization did their utmost to support this atmosphere by organizing a great bbq on Thursday. Every day they offered something to eat. What a hospitality. Talking to other ITF experienced players, I understood that this five graded Tournement,  is worthed at last a  third grade. Well done! I will be back.

Johan Coene

Needless to say, the Mol Wezel tournament is a must for me and perhaps it will continue to grow into an “incontournable” tournament in Belgium and the Netherlands and why not in Germany and France. This year we enjoyed a lot of sport fun thanks to the professional reception of the tournament management. Yes, you can claim an international ticket: a polyglot ​​Brit, exuberant Mexicans and a “confident” Finnish lady can confirm this. With sporty greetings


Good afternoon Noel. Just a few words to say your tournament was fine.  I normally never play grade 5 but even before your tournament started I received your mail and felt it was going to be a friendly atmosphere.  Which it was throughout he tournament.  I had to come 5 times during the week and felt welcomed on any day receiving a free meal every day which you do not often get in tournaments.  I have been playing often in grade 2 or 3 and for sure you deserve to get this grade in the short term when you compare the level – the quality of the courts and the hospitality. Regards, Eric Lingg

Guido Noens

Hello Noel, Bravo for the excellent organization, the good atmosphere, the friendly welcome and for the large selection of peripheral events. I hope you will be a “grade 3” next year. You deserve it. See you next year. Regards, Guido


I participated in the tournament itf senior Mol / Wezel end of August 2018 and this for the second year in the category My. 60. I can say that the setting, atmosphere, facilities (large and very clean locker rooms, the beautiful terrace overlooking the 1 & 2, terraces around all the grounds, a bar with consumptions at very reasonable prices , etc …) and the high quality of the courts is at the rendezvous in Mol / Wezel. The organizers (Tim and Noel) really do a great job and organize this tournament beautifully. I must add that each evening, a small meal was graciously distributed to participants and the traditional Thursday BBQ also offered, which is very rare. I sincerely think that this tournament is an itf seniors in the making and that it should already next year go to minimum grade 3. It is certain that next year, I will be present again at this beautiful tournament. Sports yours

Bernard DE COEN

Hereby, I give a good follow-up to the injunction of the Tournament Director to communicate our feedback regarding the Mol senior ITF tournament (grade 5) held in Belgium in August 2018. I do it a bit late, but sometimes it is better to speak with a little delay. I enjoy reading feedback from another player in our category (Mr. Bergs). I also have some experience, albeit an old one, of ITF tournaments, whether in Europe, South America or Asia. I totally agree with his analysis of the level of play in the M50 category. I have also seen a huge competitive motivation in the game of the ladies. The events involved a wide range of competitors, local, national, European (FIN) and international (MEX). I also agree with him that the facilities, the playing environment and the quality of the grounds, locker rooms and especially courts are of a high standard. It should also be noted that practice courts were at all times available to the players. I also witnessed some public interest, especially the first days of the tournament. Both the Tournament Director and his Referee are highly skilled individuals, who know how to organize a tournament while remaining essentially at the service of the players, which is rare. I myself have been privileged to witness that they did everything possible to meet the very specific demands of the players throughout the tournament and I can’t thank them enough hereby. Meals and water were made available while registration fee remained at a low level. It is absolutely necessary to note the coincidence the same week with the ITF world seniors championships which were held near in a bordering country. This has penalized a certain quantitative aspect of enrollment, and this coincidence will have to be taken into account during the full evaluation of the tournament by the ITF. I am convinced that this tournament will eventually evolve into a very high quality ITF Seniors Tournament of which Flanders, which posseses so many World champions and numbers 1 in ITF Senior tennis, is in dire need. Kindest regards, Bernard de Coen – Italia Cup Captain Belgium 2000-2002

Clive Charlesworth

HI Noel, Just to say how much I enjoyed the week in Mol. The tournament was well organised, and the hospitality was exceptional. The highlight of the week for me was playing the gentleman from Mexico who was a drop shot specialist. My legs have not felt the same since!  Next year I ll bring my bicycle to explore the beautiful countryside and perhaps enter some doubles? Best wishes

Players testimonials


Michel Van Namen

Thank you for this beautiful memory Noël…. For your next organization, if possible avoid the competition of another nearby ITF tournament (like Breda) and maybe adjust your date accordingly. For the rest, the organization was perfect NEVER CHANGE … Sincerely.

Philip Haldermans

It was my first ITF participation where, in view of the location, I had not booked a stay. Depending on the entries, the series 60-65 and 70+ were placed in a pool with 5 participants after consultation with the board and participants That I suddenly could play 4 matches against peers was a pleasant plus. (Finally, you want to play tennis against peers) My overall evaluation was the thorough and spontaneous approach of the entire team that realized this new formula in a cool and lively club. After four days we felt it, even with the daily driving of 140 km, as each time coming home a bit. For this, I believe that the board, with all employees, provided day-to-day management thanks to a no-nonsense policy and warm welcome. Given the relatively low number of participants, as the first start and together with the changeable weather, everything went well.  The pool system can, in my opinion, even be expanded with a low number of participants for all itf tournaments (eg: 2 groups of 4 players) Given the lack of opportunities for players from the age of 60 at tennis Flanders this would be a positive incentive for participation. A sincere thanks for this beautiful tournament thanks to the professional and cordial leadership of Noel. Hopefully I can warm up other players for this tournament for participation in 2018 Perhaps a point of improvement is a long stay on the spot because of overnight stays in local hotels / B & B that were rather pricey in my opinion With sporting greetings and hopefully until next year


Dear Noel, your messages were like x-mas, especially the photos :-). For me, it was a really memorable experience playing the ITF in Mol/Wezel, from the wonderful hospitality offered by Jan, to playing fair matches and easily finding acquaintances and being included in the club circles. The get-together for the dinner in particular and the prematch pictures were extraordinary for me and are that ought to be repeated in future editions to my mind. Having indoor courts available is also an advantage over other ITF tournaments which may make it possible to raise the level even higher to 3rd or 4th category. The round robin modus was enjoyable. In order to have a higher sign-up rate it may also be helpful to announce the tournament in further web channels where overviews are given. For instance Roermond could be found in the “Tennisverband Mittelrhein” calendar from where maybe 30-70% of the players came in the end (for example three out of five in mens 35 singles). Not sure what other channels there are in Netherlands and/or Eastern France potentially. Due to joy playing the tournament and getting to know its organizers, I wish them best of luck for future editions which I look forward to attending. Warm regards to Tim, Jan, Viola, Louk, Maarten, Klaartje and friends. Kai

Peter Declerck

I thought it was a nice tournament, All ITF players I met and played against were cool interesting people, Organization professional – warm reception – mussel dinner made the tournament complete: cozy. Worth repeating! I already advertise your tournament and ITF. Peter

Klaartje Van Baarle

Despite the fact that not many players were registered, the ambiance (mussel night, fries, tent) was blissful. A lot of respect among the players and officials. This is a club that loves tennis and its players. Klaartje van Baarle – World Champion Tennis Women 45-50

Maurice Geilen

Upon entering, I was greeted friendly by the tournament director and was presented to various visitors of the club and players who really liked it. Every morning there was a breakfast with coffee for the players (croissants, custard, sweet cakes, …). A beautiful tennis club with a beautiful terrace with a view on various courses. People like to come back here because the atmosphere was good and the right people were present. Gr. Maurice Geilen

Guido Noens

Good organization, nice atmosphere; only a few participants. As a result, series had to be merged, which many do not like very much. Next year mss competition with Breda out of the way and motivate the local veterans to participate. Hopefully see you next year. With sporty greetings, Guido Noens

Chris Wyman

I am writing in reference to the ITF Mol-Wezel, Belgium Grade 5 tournament that was just held a few weeks ago. I wanted the ITF to know that it was one of the nicest events I have ever played. I am from Florida originally and have played many tournaments throughout my life and what i found most interesting about the Mol-Wezel tournament was the genuine passion and pride that the members of the tennis club took in hosting the event. They were very welcoming. There was a place for players to bring their own tents and set them up for camping if they choose to, which for some people is maybe a better option than staying in a hotel. In one case I even heard of a club member hosting a player at their home which I thought was very cool and hospitable. I know that this club wants to grow the size of the tournament and I would recommend that the ITF considers giving it a higher Grade level in the future to try and draw a larger crowd. The members and the club are definitely committed. If you would like any additional information or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact me. Yours Truly. Shea Wyman

Gert Mariën

Dear, I thought it was a wonderful experience and certainly worth repeating. Obviously sporting and certainly also the whole framework around it I found super good. The reception, the breakfast, the competition planning, the mussel evening and the cocktail tent … all top organized and fun initiatives. It also provided a pleasant atmosphere and connection between the participants. Highly recommended … I will definitely come back and try to warm others up for it. A big compliment and thank you for participating. Friendly and sporting greetings, Gert

Jacques Hinckst

Premiere in Wezel with the organization of an ITF tournament. Not so easy for a first year of course. It is difficult to get players in all age categories (even for long-established ITF). To make things even more difficult, the weather gods did not help, which obliged the club (and the players …) to play a lot of matches on carpet. BUT the organizers were so friendly that they already wish them good luck for the next edition. Persistent is Limburgs

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